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Wildly Sexy Dares

Posted by infoland on January 25, 2007

Sexy Dare GameThe game of naughty adventures for couples who think they’ve done it all. Now the fun begins…

Synopsis: Have you found your relationship a little too predictable lately? Wildly Sexy Dares™ dares you to test your zest for adventure with their twist on the game of truth or dare. The only exception being it’s all dare. Who will gain victory as you both complete sexy escapades to obtain the ultimate grand prize of your choice? The more daring you are, the better your chances of winning! Learn more about this wild and sexy game.

To begin play each person selects three prizes they would like to receive. One prize will be awarded for each stage of play (MILD, HOT, and EXTRA-SPICY). You begin by completing the MILD dares until a player has 200 points. The first person to receive 200 points is the winner of the MILD stage. Now the HOT stage begins. You must receive 500 points to become the winner of this stage. The ultimate winner is crowned when a player receives 1000 points in the Extra-Spicy stage.
The ultimate appeal of this game is the length of time it can take to complete. This isn’t a game you drink a glass of champagne and coo over each other with. Wildly Sexy Dares™ helps you discover a new sensual way of cohabiting with each other. It’s a long-term way of becoming closer with each other in ways you may never have envisioned.

Sample cards…
Dare (5 points): Bake a cake in the shape of a female nude. Ice it to perfection.
Double Dare (+10 points): Hide a naughty surprise between the layers.
Dare (10 points): Play “Twister-in-the-Buff” with your partner, just for laughs. Anyone who fails must remove one article of clothing before continuing.
Double Dare (+15 points): Describe your twisted adventure while dining out with couple friends. Ask them if they’ve ever tried it. Bonus: (+20 extra points) …if they ask to borrow your Twister mat.
Dare (15 points): Visit a movie theater together and sit away from the crowd. During the film, discreetly reach under your skirt and tug down your panties. Slip them into your partner’s hand without looking at him or whispering a word.
Double Dare (+20 points): Do it with a complete stranger seated next to you.


Expand your dares by joining the games online! View other member’s stories or pictures of their escapades, or submit your own. Visit the company’s website at


10 Responses to “Wildly Sexy Dares”

  1. infoland said

    Have any of our readers tried this game? Would you like to try it?

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  5. Anonymous said

    go to a movie theatre and sit next to a guy your age. take off your sweatshirt, then shoes, then take off your shirt and pants but keep on your underwear and bra. Then climb onto the guys lap and ask if he wants to make out. If he says yes than makeout with him. If he says no than yell, ” Its your loss you dickhead.” Then put your clothes on and leave.

  6. GirlWatcher said

    (For girls) wear only a white t shirt and White short shorts. Then, get wet.

  7. 美国一夜情…

    […]Wildly Sexy Dares « Information For Today’s Men And Women[…]…

  8. karenw4487 said

    Mmmm I’ve done the panties one with a stranger 🙂

  9. Anonymous said

    i have gone naked in public allwas

  10. BrettApect said


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